12 years a Venatron…3 months an Emu Mob!

Three months in seems like a good time to reflect.

Let’s start with the past. It was over 12 years ago that Dom and I launched Venator. May 2007. We had a phenomenal first year. The market was booming, we had about 4 or 5 recruiters on board and we’d just signed a 7-year lease on a big office in Collins Street. Then came the GFC. Perfect timing!

We grew the business slowly and for many years enjoyed working with a superb group of Venatrons. With a team of maybe 12 or 13 people, it was a stage of my life and career that I found to be rewarding, often challenging, and sometimes very stressful, but one that I have learnt so much from. Our final 3 years at Venator were different – equally rewarding, just less stressful! Like the very beginning, it was the two of us. We were content, chilled out, enjoying work-life balance, and doing what we loved – recruiting.

A point came earlier this year when Dom and I talked about doing something ‘same-same but different’. We felt it was time to inject a bit of energy back into work. We had good fortune on our side as Luke Marshall was looking to establish a new brand, and Zenco Effiong was keen to return to the birthplace of recruitment – agency-side! I shouldn’t tempt fate, but knowing our timing, there’s no doubt an immense financial crisis is about to land

Over the course of a few months, many discussions took place, and we came to alignment on what this new venture should look like in terms of brand, market position, values and growth objectives. Emu was born.

Apart from being quintessentially Australian (we are all English!), the Emu is incredibly agile, it can only move forward and it does so at pace. But above all, it’s extraordinary. And that embodies everything we want to be.

We genuinely live the values you’ll see on our website:

  1. Create extraordinary experiences – we believe hiring and finding a new role should be an experience that surprises and delights in the moments of truth.  
  2. Better together – we believe in the power of collaboration to achieve extraordinary outcomes for our clients, talent community and each other. 
  3. Be courageous – we stand up for what is right and try things knowing we may not always succeed in the pursuit of growth. 
  4. Just say it, with care – trust is built on open communication, we are free to say what we mean but we do so with the best intentions 
  5. Seek FeedbackWe believe in life long learning. We seek feedback from others to improve personally and professionally.

The first 3 months have been everything we could have hoped for. I’ve not worked this hard for a long time, but I’m absolutely loving it. We hosted an amazing launch party for many of our valued clients. I’m managing some terrific assignments, and I’m working with many new clients who Luke and Zenco have introduced. We knew our networks would be complimentary but it’s surprising how quickly everyone is benefiting from our shared connections.

The energy is incredible. The future is bright. The Emu is moving forward at pace.


This article was written by Ed Michelsberg our Partner – Finance & Accounting. Ed works with small, medium and major corporates in Australia & New Zealand working closely with their CEO’s, CFO’s and HRD’s to find the next generation of Finance talent. To contact Ed for career advice or to discuss how to find extraordinary finance talent you can reach him directly @ edward@emusearch.com.au.


And to get the latest thinking and insights, follow our Emu company page on LinkedIn for further advice to assist with your job search and to keep up to date with the latest opportunities available. You can follow this LINK and then select ‘follow’ on the top right of our company page. 


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