Privacy Policy

When you respond to our online job advertisements which appear, for example, on our website or job boards such as Seek, you can be assured that we will only use your personal information for the purpose of assisting you to secure employment.

Our advertisements describe the general nature of positions and the general nature of the skill set required. At the time of our initial interview with you, we will provide further details of the role, the organisation, skill requirements, experience necessary, etc.

Prior to being placed in employment, you have the right to access your personal information held by us and if necessary, to have that information corrected, updated or made more complete. However, once you are successful in obtaining employment, your personal information either becomes part of our employment records and/or those of our client/s. Employment records are governed by industrial legislation and are the property of the employer.

Emu assists applicants in securing permanent, temporary, or fixed term contract positions. If you are employed by Emu for the purpose of carrying out temporary or contract work for our clients, your personal information becomes part of our employment records. As your employer, we are more than prepared to answer any questions you may have with respect to your records.


Personal information means information or an opinion, concerning you and your employment history. Personal information includes your contact details, references, opinions about your work experience or performance, results of occupational or psychometric assessments, academic or professional qualifications, together with any other information obtained by Emu in seeking to place you in appropriate employment.

Personal information may also incorporate sensitive information, which might include information or opinion about any health issues, criminal records etc. We generally do not seek to collect such sensitive information, although sometimes it may be pertinent to a particular position. Such sensitive information in most cases may only be collected and disclosed with your consent or if required by law.


We obtain most of our information from you directly, such as when you submit an application, CV or fill out our forms. Each time we have contact with you we may ask to collect particular personal information about you.

If we have not already done so, when or before we collect information, we will take reasonable steps to inform you of:

  • The purpose for which the information is collected;
  • Where applicable, any law requiring information to be collected;
  • The main consequences if all or part of the information is not provided.

We may approach your referees for a reference and/or make enquiries of your former employers, work mates, professional or representative organisations and employment or labour hire agencies. Your personal information may also be collected from the results of medical, competency and psychometric assessment, performance appraisals, records of workplace injuries or workplace accidents in which you are or have been involved in, certificates of educational qualifications as well as reports from insurance or criminal investigations.

If you wish to contact us about your personal information, please contact Dominic Cara on (03) 9377 7000.


Your personal information may be used by us in connection with:

  • Potential employment;
  • Assessment of performance;
  • Assessment of medical, competency and psychometric assessment;
  • Management of any investigation in which you are involved.


Your personal information may be disclosed to:

  • Potential employers;
  • Insurers;
  • Our contractors and suppliers;
  • Your referees, former employers, Emu staff, professional or representative organisations, other employment or labour hire agencies;
  • Any person with lawful entitlement to obtain the information.


By submitting your details you are stating that all the information you have provided to Emu is true and accurate in every way and you have not omitted any information that would affect an employer’s decision to employ you.

Your consent to the above disclosures is taken to have been given when you submit your personal information to Emu, whether through our website, through our job advertisements or directly with our employees. Your consent allows us to disclose or use your information for any reasonable purpose related to your possible employment placement as contemplated by this Privacy Policy.

Further, as we have a public interest duty to co-operate with law enforcement agencies and to prevent any threat to life, health or safety of any person, we may have to disclose your personal information for such purposes. If for any reason you decide not to provide certain personal information, we may be restricted in our ability to secure a suitable position for you. In the event that you are employed in a temporary or contract position, we will require you to provide your tax file number in order that we may pay you and deduct the relevant taxes etc.


Organisations who work with Emu have an obligation to ensure that the personal information we forward about our candidates is adequately protected and secure. As detailed above, our team is committed to protecting your personal information. We are also committed to protecting the privacy of the clients we represent. In order to facilitate the highest level of privacy for all parties, we ask that you agree to hold any and all information provided to you in the strictest of confidence.


The personal information collected from you at the time of your application for employment is assumed by Emu to be accurate, honest, complete and up to date. If at any time you believe this personal information is no longer accurate, complete or up to date please advise us accordingly in writing.


We have taken reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse or loss or unauthorised access. We hold your personal information in computers which are password protected, and paper based files and other records which are held under lock and key. Our policy is to maintain your personal information for a period of approximately 2 years after receipt. We will then endeavour to contact you and ask whether you would like us to keep your personal information. At that time you will need to provide us with any amendments or updates to your personal information. If you do not wish us to keep your personal information, the information will be shredded.


As an applicant for employment you have a right to access and to obtain a copy of your personal information. However, there are exemptions to this right of access. For example, we are not required to provide you with access where a request:

  • Is after you have become an employee of Emu;
  • Is frivolous or vexatious;
  • Concerns information relating to an existing or anticipated legal proceedings between Emu and an applicant;
  • Would reveal our intentions in relation to negotiations with you in such a way that it would prejudice those negotiations;
  • Requires access that would be unlawful;
  • Would be likely to prejudice the prevention, investigation and prosecution of any criminal offence or seriously improper conduct.

If you require access in order to correct personal information held, you will need to establish the information that you have previously provided was not accurate, complete or up to date. We will then take reasonable steps to correct that information so that it is accurate, complete and up to date.


If you have a query or complaint with the way your personal information is collected, used, disclosed, stored and administered, you may lodge a complaint. All complaints will be treated seriously and dealt with promptly.To make a complaint, please contact our Director, Dominic Cara on (03) 9937 7000 or email