Zenco ‘Z’ Effiong

Partner – CyberSec & Emerging Technologies

Zenco leads our Cyber Security and Emerging Technologies practice. Zenco works with leading edge organisations looking to evolve their Information Security capability, risk management and implementation on new tech such as AI, Machine Learning and Robotics. Zenco is passionate about how Technology can have a positive impact on the world and change our lives for the better. He also believes in the power of people and is a trusted advisor too many of Australia’s leading CISO’s and CIO’s. Zenco plays a key role in securing the best talent for his clients, in what is a highly competitive talent landscape.

“I started my recruitment career in Tech and spent over 20 years devoted to it. I feel very fortunate to play a key role in supporting organisations protect and enhance their capabilities and assets”

With a career in recruitment spanning over 20 years working both agency and client side, Zenco has seen first hand the challenges businesses face in developing a strong employment brand and talent pipeline to meet their strategic objectives. Emu represents the distillation of his professional and life experience and an opportunity to work with like-minded professionals who understand the importance of building trust and relationships, which will enable people and businesses to flourish. Outside of work he is married to Kirsty with two young kids and lives on the Mornington Peninsula in Mt Martha. Originally from Northern England he wakes up thinking he’s on holiday everyday even after a decade or more of living there, the novelty has by no means worn off.